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India is my country,
Big and vast.
It has its diversity,
With distinct customs from the past.

I was going to a restaurant
For the soft and fluffy butter cake,
Too many people pushed me up
Waiting for that lucky break!

There's a garage in our home,
Behind the garden's loam.
It's often of dirt and dusty,
And my grandpa's car which is old & rusty.

I have within me, Thousands of dreams.
Some are passion and.,
Some be scary of illusions
Just like dream hallucinations.


The moon appears to be a silver plate
The big and round whom to see, I await.
I like to stand and run, in our terrace
To find that, whether it chases me or I did chase.


What has two hands but, can't clap?
It's absolutely a clock
Whose face, merrily seemed to mock.

There is one thing which is true
For the friendship, I found in you.
The sake for you, touched my heart
Is to bless my life a brand-new start.

By passing the deep forest during a winter night,
I collected a few twigs
and set them to ignite.

Read a book
And you can see,
Around the world you fly like a bee!

Yesterday night 🌃, I was alone at home
So, I needed to sleep lonesome. 🛌
I have a habit of early sleep
Still, I waited for my parents 👫 to come home.


Smile is like God's boon,
For it boosts your immune.

Smile tends your brain to happiness

Feelings usually arise,
Making us surprise.
They give us happiness or stress.
Anyways, feelings are unwelcomed guests.

The day you said your love to me,
Got to be the unforgettable moment.

It was just a normal day in a normal place...


Twinkling stars up in the sky,
Each one shining luminous bright,
Sparkling like tiny little diamonds,
On a dark and starry night.

When things get complex,
Don't get flustered.
Stay calm and composed,
When things get complex.

Spring, spring is the season of gay
It tends the kids to joyfully play.
The flower blossoms everywhere, east and west.
The spring season is indeed the best.

How beautiful is the Banyan Tree!
As Magnificent as she should be.
She has dancing leaves, when it'd swish.
But the whole tree is a different kettle of fish!

A cool breeze of wind,
Howled during the night.
She passed through my heart,
Making it energitic and bright.

Flower blossoms in my heart
Like a sweety cute tart
It's velvety soft petals
Are swaying above the sepals.

Dogs are cute little bunnies
They are so funny.
Doggies be the best buddie
Whether a White or a Blackie.

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Hi poem hunters! I'm Harshini and an amateur poet and also the author of 5 books. Writing poems is my favorite hobby, and I'm also amiable with everyone. I aspire to become a startup owner. Hope you all enjoy my writings! !)

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I Love My Nation

India is my country,
Big and vast.
It has its diversity,
With distinct customs from the past.

'Unity In Diversity', is a thought,
In the mind of every Indian, who fought.
United we shall stay, always
From our freedom story's tall tales.

India is our country,
With various significant symbols
But, those antiques are not so simple.

The great emblem of India
Is in the reminiscence of Emperor Ashoka.
The wonderful Ashok Chakra resides,
In my heart and on our national flag.

India is a country,
With marvelous temples and sculptures
And the magnificent infrastructures.
'A citizen of India', I'm proud to say so.

How brave were the Indian fighters,
And they made India's future brighter.
But, they are no more,
May their soul rest in peace...

Our country is home for many sages
Entering an outsider in our home, enrages
Whoever try to beat our customs,
We can become as united rustoms.

The beautiful mountains and forests,
The enchanting songs and various dances,
The diversity in languages, make me to feel Proud of my nation and tends to SALUTE IT...

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Life gives you a hope, While you know to cope with others. Life is hardly a hope, While you try to find solace in others.

You enrich your life By fulfilling your wills But you create a happy life By first developing your skills.

We had no name when we were born in this world, And we will have no name after we depart from this world. Then why are we craving for more and more name and fame, while living in the in-between life by detroying the actual pleasure - 'Peace'?

Life is like an hot-air balloon. Make yourself escape from the prying eyes. When the balloon takes off, Do not get into excessive esteem If anyone appreciates you, out of bounds. Similarly, when the balloon slips down Do not tangle with extreme dejection When someone judges you badly in the awkward circumstances. Stay away from the nosy people And lead your life peacefully.

Maturity is something, When you stop giving excuses For your mistakes. And start making changes.

End gender discrimination, Adore culture variegation.'

Ethnicity should be only one's identity, It should not lead to disparity.

There's a lot to see in this open world, Cherish the Nature's tranquil and never judge others skill.

Imagination is full of fiction, No matter, it is true or false. Reality is purely non-fiction, Happiness and difficulties, we have to cross.

Sometimes, in your life you're left alone, In that case, self-love is the best help. You may realise that you have been grown. By that time, you shall forget all your yelp.

I love the way you smile. I love the way you see me. I love the innocence on your face. But most of all, I love the way you are.

The every second with you, Makes my heart mysteriously excited.

I feel that you and me are travelling together with the time.

Everytime I see you, I forget my happiness and pain. My heart gets unknowingly melt and my eyes can't move from seeing your beauty.

You're the heavenly paradise who appears in my dreams. My love for you is eternal.

Every place I go, makes me think of you. I don't know what casts you have spelled on me, I can't stop loving you.

A careless blunder can make up a life time regret!

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