Hartley Coleridge

(1796-1849 / England)

Hartley Coleridge Poems

1. How Long I Sailed . . . 4/15/2010
2. Christmas Day 4/15/2010
3. November 4/15/2010
4. To Wordsworth 4/15/2010
5. No Life Vain 4/15/2010
6. Full Well I Know . . . 4/15/2010
7. September 4/15/2010
8. The Flight Of Youth 4/15/2010
9. Sonnet 4/15/2010
10. Song 1/4/2003
11. The Solitary-Hearted 1/4/2003
12. Long Time A Child . . . 4/15/2010
13. Address To Certain Golfishes 4/15/2010
14. Written On The Anniversary Of Our Father's Death 4/15/2010
15. She Is Not Fair To Outward View 4/15/2010
16. Friendship 1/4/2003
17. Early Death 1/4/2003

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Best Poem of Hartley Coleridge

Early Death

SHE pass'd away like morning dew
   Before the sun was high;
So brief her time, she scarcely knew
   The meaning of a sigh.

As round the rose its soft perfume,
   Sweet love around her floated;
Admired she grew--while mortal doom
   Crept on, unfear'd, unnoted.

Love was her guardian Angel here,
   But Love to Death resign'd her;
Tho' Love was kind, why should we fear
   But holy Death is kinder?

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WHEN we were idlers with the loitering rills,
The need of human love we little noted:
   Our love was nature; and the peace that floated
On the white mist, and dwelt upon the hills,
To sweet accord subdued our wayward wills:
   One soul was ours, one mind, one heart devoted,
   That, wisely doting, ask'd not why it doted,
And ours the unknown joy, which knowing kills.
But now I find how dear thou wert to me;

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