Haruna Garba Poems

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I Won't Sing A Song

I won't sing a Song,
lest I misguide the feet.
I won't sing a Song
about this unpleasant world-

How A Battle Is Fought

Not only with bangs
is a battle fought,
tongue tautens some torque
if your ears are the echoing types

The Perfect Doesn't Stay Long

The moment it is lit,
the perfect flares out
The moment it manifests,
the perfect disappears:

The Music Of Cowardice

Hoopoe, our bird of wisdom
The celebrated pendant, the poet
After decades of cultural heroism
Filled a cup from centaur

We Have Seen It All

Who would have thought of water being sold in a shop?
Ewers or guard then in tins
But now we see different
We have seen it all

Jigsaw Puzzle

So many the grey are ebon
So many the innocent, guilty
It is only a matter of proof
Smart attorneys know of it

The Cow's Plea

Milking me with all their strength
At least those in the position do
Milking me dry all their many days
Can't guess the barrels' whereabouts

All Paws In The Gravy

Bottoms used to padded seats
Sides groomed to sleep on air
It is back to the helm or sink
Is as it is with the captains

Lion Pride

Where I am, goat is tied to a post
Out of mercy, the kids are kept free
They suck and keep running about
They jump, buck and freely run out


Badly as each may want to be good
To leave alone what so should be
That, ants of the world won't allow
Bitten, you're all for ridding the itch

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