Hasan Khan Poems

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Clouds Of Fire

Wish the clouds of fire come again,
To heal the corruption of the nation.
To change the peoples mind,
In the mainstream of the tradition

Just Ten.

We are just ten.
Sometimes dancing in the rain.
Staying at, MANUU, boys hostel
Do nothing except cocktail.

Screaming Of Woodlands

Please give me a second chance
Please give me a second grace
I have lost from the paradise.
Far from the serenity, now in a coppice

Intellectual Property

Oh man! You are just a shepherds boy,
You are not eligible for the battle of troy.
But, still prolonging as the sun in your sky,
The wings of your knowledge wants to fly.

All Are Gone

Have you ever seen a lot of people selflessly?
Died for the sake of nation proudly….
Those noble hearts, noble deeds;
Their blood, still won’t be sucked by the soil.

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