Hassan Alamgeer Abbasi Poems

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Goodbye To Chaos

Do you know
When someone
Says no
Means what?

Let's Suppose

Let's suppose
When then ten women there
All they run in the beautiful stars
And it's about your own choice

A Nightmare

Here comes my darling
With a face smiling
Was told to close my eyes
As she came with a surprise

A Seed Of Success

Serve to sow a seed
A seed of success
Success is to access
Access excessively

Don't Time A Fly

Don't time a fly to flee
If a fly flees to flowers
Better they be plucked
This is a luck they lack

Sleep Means To Minimize

Considered commonly by commons
One needs to dream a sleep
A sleep when to feel a peace
Being free of a being

Recall To Learn

Recall mother's care
Everything, Everywhere
Carried a baby can't call
And you grown-up!

Who Is A Muslim?

Any who will be viewing willingly restricted to the will of the Authoritarian is a Muslim whether living or nonliving

What about a star?
Did it ever try to disobey?

To Be Or Not To Be

Had only we one trip
Steadily it made us to grip
A grisly betrayed man
Wandering over there

Error Success