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Because you are fantastic!
By: Hassan Hegazy

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.The Translator in brief: Hassan Hegazy, Egypt, born in 16-7-1960, Graduated from Zagazig University in 1982, got his BA, in English language, Education and Arts, Member in Egypt's writer Union, a member in The Arab Union For Internet Writers and a member in the Egyptian Translators and Linguists' Association Cairo. Published six poetic collections. ///)

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Because You Are Fantastic! By: Hassan Hegazy

Because you are fantastic!
By: Hassan Hegazy

Because you are fantastic
As a dream,
the cheeks of roses, Like
The dew of the morning,
When it lovely spreads
the parcels of silver
On the face of the morning
I love you!
I have made my age
a poem of love
To sing for your eyes,
I have made my age a necklace of
Sincerity for your sake.
Because I love silence
I love you in silence!
Do you know that
you are fantastic, charming
as a dream!


لأنك ِ عـذبة!
حسن حجازي

لأنك ِ عذبة كالحلم
كخدود ِ الورد
ينثرُ حبات ِ الفضة
فوقَ جبين ِ الصبح:
صغت ُ عمرى
قصيدة شعر
غنيتها عينيك
صغت ُ عمرى
حبات عقد
وقدمتها إليك ِ
ولأنى احبُ الصمت
أحببتك ِ فى صمت
فهل تعلمينَ أنك ِ عذبة
كالحلم! !

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