Havilah Poems

I write new sonnet
for Red thumbs.

You give green line.

because just you i like
nothing fore head your kiss
on am i
toes tip, are you like high is tree?

Thank you for your eyeballs.
My heart is fully cooked.
I like to eat happy, here in my hole.
You love all of me and I love parts of you.

I gave birth to myself
mother left me in womb

she took off

I eat Pho Hut noodle
soup with fork
Freak, am I?

I wait for man
my Moses
part waters for me
come to bed

I tell my son
brush teeth
in bathroom alone
and stare at yourself

It's me again.

escape words they do; hot hello
smile is yellow rice
across table
watch me bend over

why you no bring hell
when you say hi to me
hi I am saying to you
bring you fecal friendship

I am ball of yarn
for kitty
jelly bean in jar
count how many

you use translate key
when speaking I am
about what is love

you go outside
smell smoke in air
find girl on fire
I am there, for you

hot cup needy in hand
to lips it wants
to burn pride on tongue
to taste of Christmas

pork belly smoke
in air all night
neighbor mad at meat

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You love me and you know it.)

The Best Poem Of Havilah

Knock Knock

Just let me inside
so I can ruin dinner.

Havilah Comments

Oliver Ovid 22 July 2016

I love Ms. Dammette. Poetry very strong on her. VERY strong. Havilah need to wash. Shave armpits.

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Havilah Dammette 25 November 2014

why not comments on me?

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Havilah Popularity

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