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I have known hours built like cities,
House on grey house, with streets between
That lead to straggling roads and trail off,

Three Girls

Three school-girls pass this way each day:
Two of them go in the fluttery way
Of girls, with all that girlhood buys;

Sunlight Through A Window

Beauty streamed into my hand
In sunlight through a pane of glass;
Now at last I understand
Why suns must pass.


I was sewing a seam one day.
Just this way—
Flashing four silver stitches there
With thread, like this, fine as a hair,

A Baby's Dress

It is made of finest linen—
Sheer as wasp-wings;
It is made with a flowing panel
Down the front,

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Hazel Hall (February 7, 1886 – May 11, 1924) was an American poet based in Portland, Oregon.

Hall was born on February 7, 1886 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. As a young girl, she moved to Portland, Oregon with her family. After surviving scarlet fever at the age of twelve, she used wheelchair for the rest of her life. She worked as a seamstress, and ...

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