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I'm 19 years old and very heartbroken.
I' found out the hard way to not give up anyhting for one man. Becasue it can be total disaster.

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once loved once hated
your in the middle
you never know what to do
you always get hurt

Not Love At All

All my life i waited for the right guy to come along
but it seemed that no one wanted me.

I waited for myself to say i told you that no one will come for you


One day we will be joined togetherin life love forever.
Love is like you and me sitting pretty as we can be.

Loves Timing

Love is the night of dreams, that has never ended and will never end.

Love is the tim for reasoning.

Loves Nothing But People Lieing

Love is nothing compared to what other people think
People think that love is just a four letter word, but i'm here to tell you the're wrong.

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