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My thoughts
control my feelings
my feelings
control my mind.

There are something's in a person's life that will show them how strong they really are.
What will your strength say about you? Will you be the greatest there ever was or will you be weak and fall?
Believe in the strength and the power that is certainly within you and you will flourish greatly. Your strength will never stear you down the wrong path nor will it the right one.
But be true to yourself and yourself will be true to you.

Three's a charm I've
heard people say but
what if that charm
never comes my

Forgive the ones
who will and have
forgotten you.

Wishes are for
so are hopes and

Is everything in life
real or is reality
nothing but a

Some of us have it
cause we are born with it
but some of us don't
but wish we did.

We twist and turn
like a storm in the

There are things that
the heart and emotions
can not explain.

People will be here
till their ending.
To their grave they will

Close you eyes my
dear and drift
off into sleep.

Paint me a picture
just any ol' view.

Paint me a picture

I must be feeling like
Johnny Cash
cause I might hurt
myself today.

I'm a lonely person
who walks this world
in search of something.

How messed up am I?
How messed up is this?
That i lose the one I really love
quickly like this.

Who cares about me?
hell no one should
for I am the devil
that will always be

Everything I have lost
is piling up in front of

There is something
in the mist
I can see it in your

You are nothing but
the devil
now look at you, now
look at me.

You say that they all
use me, you say their
not really my friends

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My thoughts
control my feelings
my feelings
control my mind.

If I don't seem
crazy to you
I will truly be surprised.

My heart is in my
caring place and I might
seem shy.

But make one
wrong move and you
will see my demons deep inside.

My thoughts
control my feelings
wait does yours do the same?

If they do I promise
you we all might be insane.

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