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Hello. My name is Heather Nicole Poynter. I have just started to get really in depth with my writing and I am loving it. As you probably have figured, I am 17 years old. I plan on attending a college for writing/publishing. I love to write and I am grateful for anyone who shows any interest in my works at all. I live in Indiana with my mother. ...

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I Love You, Grandma

Hands so soft, Eyes so bright.
Staying by you, what a night.
The weeks were rough, I'm feeling strange.
Something's coming, I can't explain.

Forgiving Myself

Two losses, neither of them fair,
haunt my memories and dreams.
At almost 17, I have seen things
many people wouldn't believe.


I snap back to reality from my daydream -
Looking over at the box from the podium at which I stand.
There is a sea of tears flowing from the eyes of my family -
As well as from my own.


Soul laid dormant for so long,
Dreams spilled and strewn on the floor.
Hopes all crushed, Never to be thought of again,
Ideas all rejected, pressure enclosing on existence.

Don'T Back Down

Life is hard, we've all seen that.
Like wars that have been
fought in years past, and
will be fought for years to come.

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