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1. Broken.... 9/26/2011
2. .....No Title...Neat Little Poem 9/26/2011
3. Mermaid 9/26/2011
4. Almost All Of Me Is Dead 9/26/2011
5. Inside Of Me 9/26/2011
6. Ummmm..... No Title 9/26/2011
7. Repetitional Learning 9/26/2011
8. Wtf.... Is Really Going On? 9/26/2011
9. Hypocrites 9/26/2011
10. Something For Someone New 9/26/2011
11. Mistakes That I Have Made 9/26/2011
12. Leader Of The Dead 9/26/2011
13. Zombie Circus 9/26/2011
14. Wrote During An Argument 9/26/2011
15. This Pen 9/26/2011
16. Butterflies 9/26/2011
17. No Title 9/26/2011
18. Maybe A Bit About Me 9/26/2011
19. Random....My Minds Eye.....? ? 9/27/2011
20. Decent Poem...... Untitled.... :) 9/27/2011
21. Drug Induced Writing.... 9/27/2011
22. Another Untitled 9/27/2011
23. Miss Billie Jo Crough(Crow) ... My Foster Mother 9/27/2011
24. Untitled As Well 9/27/2011
25. Written For My Ex Fiance 9/27/2011
26. Fionna Sophia..... To The Unborn Child I Am Unsure If I Can Have... 9/27/2011
27. Wow.......Untitled.... 9/27/2011
28. I Just Dontknow About This One..... Untitled.... 9/27/2011
29. Does It Bother You That You Could Be Just Like Me? 9/27/2011
30. Murder....Saw Movie...Something, I Dunno :) 9/27/2011
31. Hmmmm.... An Ok Poem......Untitled 9/27/2011
32. Small Child Of Mine 9/27/2011
33. Hybrid Lily 9/27/2011
34. Backyard Burger 9/27/2011
35. What Can Anyone Do 9/27/2011
36. Untitled 9/26/2011
37. No Title Either 9/26/2011
38. Sedusing You..... Read Quickly If They Really Delet Poems With Bad Words 9/27/2011

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Best Poem of Heather Taylor

Sedusing You..... Read Quickly If They Really Delet Poems With Bad Words

oh you can feel me
kissing your neck
leaving your mind
a tangled reck.
with my tongue
i start heading south
and i take you slowly
right into my mouth.
sucking you hard
and squeezing your balls
i love the sound
of your sexual calls.
no longer sucking you,
i dont want you to cum
i tell you to lay there;
let your body be numb
i sit on your stomach
and let the show begin
i want you so badly
to stick it in
i squeeze my nipples
while you rub my clit
i want you to lick me
til the orgasms hit
almost there now
i ...

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Inside Of Me

what i see
through my eyes
isn't the beach
or bright blue skies

what i think
within my brain
isnt a happy thought
more like the heavy rain

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