Hebert Logerie

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Hebert Logerie Poems

161. Cada Día Es Una Nueva Fecha, Querida 12/31/2016
162. Caminando El Mapache 2/6/2017
163. Cariño Lula, Quiero Pasar Más Tiempo 2/7/2017
164. Ce Matin À L'aube 1/5/2016
165. Celebramos A Todas Las Madres 5/13/2013
166. Certains Morts 10/2/2012
167. C'est L'hiver 1/8/2017
168. C'est Une Illusion, Je Ne Dors Pas 9/3/2016
169. Chak 18 Mé 5/18/2017
170. Chilling Storms Of Terror In France 11/14/2015
171. Chocolate And Vanilla, Nice Dream 7/23/2009
172. Choosing A Genuine Leader 5/17/2017
173. Christmas Is Here Tonight 12/25/2014
174. Christmas Is In The Air 12/23/2016
175. Christmas: A Season Full Of Fun And Joys 12/25/2012
176. Cold, Warm, Or Red-Hot Wars 6/16/2017
177. Come Out Clean, Please Tell Me 9/28/2015
178. Comme Je Suis Devenu Plus Vieux (As I Grew Older By Langston Hughes) 9/28/2014
179. Comme La Rosée Matinale 6/30/2015
180. Common Sense Always Prevails 6/24/2015
181. Como El Rocío Matinal 6/30/2015
182. Comprendre Les Hiéroglyphes De Ton Cœur 9/8/2012
183. Condamnation 1/31/2012
184. Confession Of A Passionate Lover 10/24/2015
185. Congratulations To Bob Dylan, The Newly Enthroned Poet 10/13/2016
186. Constant Changes Are Part Of Life 12/30/2016
187. Corazón, Corazón, Pienso En Ti 11/1/2015
188. Correct Me 2/22/2014
189. Correct Me, Please Do 1/26/2016
190. Cosecha De Amor 5/31/2017
191. Crime Is Human 11/30/2016
192. Criminals Cannot Dream 3/7/2016
193. Cristoforo Columbus Through The Eyes Of Many 10/11/2015
194. Cry When You Are At Fault 6/1/2014
195. Cuando La Muerte Golpea Pronto 4/22/2016
196. Dance With Me Naked 10/3/2015
197. Dead, Done And Gone 6/15/2017
198. Death 6/25/2009
199. Death Brings Sadness And Sorrow 9/11/2014
200. Death Kills Celebrities 4/22/2016
Best Poem of Hebert Logerie

It Is Your Smile…

Woman, let me demystify you,
So I can see why I love you
So much.
Let me search:
The curves, the preserves,
The gardens and the reserves,
So I can understand
Why every second
That you flash in my memory,
The chemical formula changes in my body.

Turn around;
You're safe and sound.
Let me examine you from head to toes:
Touch your nose,
Cover your cheeks,
Do some tricks,
Try to fake it,
Walk, run, stop and sit.
Oh! I'm beginning to see:
It is your smile
That drives me crazy;
It is your smile
That makes me feel so ...

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Never Give Up

Failing is hurtful,
Falling is painful,
But getting up or climbing back up,
To the mountains, is wonderful.
Nothing can top
Nothing can stop
You. You’re defying gravity.
You’re it.

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