Helen Antonas Poems

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Murder Of A Child

I saw on the news a little girl was raped and killed
Only 8 years old, her life not yet fulfilled

What prompted that animal to do the things he did?

12 Months

It's been twelve months since you passed away
We still miss you terribly each and every day

If only a cure was found to let you stay here

My Nana

To my wonderful Nana.. may she rest in peace.

I had a wonderful nana, Jean was her first name,
My parents loved her oh so much they named me the same.


Rachel is my niece's name
Her parents think she is insane

Yet they are the ones she learnt everything from


The daffodils are flowering and they are so very bright
They glow as if luminous, every day and every night

The flowers grown on long stalks, holding them up to the sun


I see a little angel coming down from above
Spreading good wishes and loads of love

She’s fluttering around me, I wonder why?


Someone answers the calls all day and all night
Volunteers giving their time to help make things right

The calls come in, one after the other

Fat Willy (Wagtail)

We have a little bird, who we call fat willy
You might think it's odd or even a bit silly

He's a big fat willy wagtail who lives with us at home