Helen Maria Williams

(1761 - 15 December 1827 / England)

Helen Maria Williams Poems

1. Sonnet To The Curlew 4/15/2010
2. Sonnet To The Strawberry 4/15/2010
3. Sonnet To The White-Bird Of The Tropic 4/15/2010
4. The Charter; 4/15/2010
5. The Complaint Of The Goddess Of The Glaciers To Doctor Darwin 4/15/2010
6. The Linnet And The Cat 4/15/2010
7. The Travellers In Haste; 4/15/2010
8. To A Friend, 4/15/2010
9. To Dr. Moore, 4/15/2010
10. To James Forbes, Esq. 4/15/2010
11. To John Forbes, Esq. 4/15/2010
12. To Mrs. K--, 4/15/2010
13. To The Baron De Humboldt, 4/15/2010
14. Verses Addressed To My Two Nephews 4/15/2010
15. An Epistle To Dr. Moore 4/25/2012
16. Paraphrases From Scripture 4/25/2012
17. An Ode On The Piece 4/25/2012
18. A Song 4/25/2012
19. Hymn Written Among The Alps 4/25/2012
20. Lines Written On The Pillar Erecting To The Memory Of Mr. Barlow 4/25/2012
21. Hymn, Imitated From The French 4/25/2012
22. Lines Written In An Album 4/25/2012
23. Lines On The Tomb Of A Favorite Dog 4/25/2012
24. Imitation Of Lines Written By Roucher 4/25/2012
25. Lines To Helen 4/25/2012
26. Imitation Of Lines 4/25/2012
27. Sonnet To Simplicity 4/15/2010
28. Lines Addressed To A.C. 4/25/2012
29. Elegy On A Young Thrush 4/25/2012
30. Dulce Domum 4/25/2012
31. The Morai 1/3/2003
32. The Scotch Ballad 1/3/2003
33. Sonnet To Twilight 1/3/2003
34. To Sensibility 1/3/2003
35. Sonnet To The Calbassia-Tree 4/15/2010
36. The Bastille: A Vision 1/3/2003
37. Sonnet To The Torrid Zone 4/15/2010
38. Sonnet To Love 4/15/2010
39. A Hymn 4/15/2010
40. Sonnet To Expression 4/15/2010

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Best Poem of Helen Maria Williams

Ode To Peace


She comes, benign enchantress, heav'n born PEACE!
With mercy beaming in her radiant eye;
She bids the horrid din of battle cease,
And at her glance the savage passions die.
'Tis Nature's festival, let earth rejoice,
And pour to Liberty exulting songs,
In distant regions, with according voice,
Let Man the vict'ry bless, its prize to Man belongs.


Resistless Freedom! when she nerves the arm,
No vulgar triumph crowns the hero's might;
She, she alone can spread a moral charm
O'er war's fell deeds, and sanctify the fight.
O, GALLIA !...

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Duncan, An Ode


Abash'd the rebel squadrons yield--
MACBETH , the victor of the field,
Exulting, past the blasted wild;
And where his dark o'erhanging towers
Frown on the heath, with pleasures mild
Now DUNCAN hastes to wing the hours--
Sweet are the rosy beams that chase

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