Hem Raj Bastola Poems

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A dead matter,
Flown out soul,
Though I intend, I indulge
Many a times I kill

Night Queen

Her aromatic
Sensous exposure
Painting lipstick
Stand in the street.

An Abstract Summary Of A Life

His equivocation
Is asking for a complex thought
Whose flight of fancy
And exuberant words

Ring Road

Because in free moments
Watching through the spreading eyes of binocular,
Brief account of existence is found, in the circular routine
And rejection of that rock's placement on the hill;

Had I Been Born Of My Will, But...

Inclusion of our involuntary mask is
Deserving a place where,
Hollow performance of a fake ease
Can not induce me as I watch.

An Evasive Heart

Sickness of his involuntary pain,
Requesting with her soul:
Had we planted to ruin the seed?
Or won't you let me harvest,

When Time Wears Away The Flesh

Your ageing now must take it's best,
True little hymns chanting you think,
And dreaming to that divine link
For the work you had done to rest.

From The Window Of A Silent Room

Abstract solitude of a country setting
draws me for a view to the window
where I draw the curtain down.

The Quest Of Remote Solitude

Bed rock
Of my desire
Turns to be a
Sleep walker

Meditation Of A Cat

He is dressed to life
Waiting his brother to death,
Nightmares are now at work
They didn't let his endeavour sleep.

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