Henry James Pye

(20 February 1745 – 11 August 1813 / London, England)

Henry James Pye Poems

1. The Fading Gleam Of Parting Day 9/27/2010
2. A Fragment Of Simonides 9/27/2010
3. A Greek Scolion, Or Song 9/27/2010
4. Aerophorion 9/27/2010
5. Alfred. Book Iii. 9/27/2010
6. Alfred. Book Iv. 9/27/2010
7. Alfred. Book V. 9/27/2010
8. Alfred. Book V. 9/27/2010
9. Alfred. Book Vi. 9/27/2010
10. Beauty. Part Iii. 9/27/2010
11. Dedication: Sent With The Second Edition Of The Poem To His Majesty The King Of Prussia 9/27/2010
12. Elegy I 9/27/2010
13. Elegy Ii 9/27/2010
14. Elegy Iii 9/27/2010
15. Elegy Ix 9/27/2010
16. Elegy V 9/27/2010
17. Elegy Vi 9/27/2010
18. Elegy Vii 9/27/2010
19. Elegy Viii 9/27/2010
20. Epigram. Omnia Vincit Amor. 9/27/2010
21. Epitaph On A Child 9/27/2010
22. Epitaph On Charles D’aussey, Esquire 9/27/2010
23. Faringdon Hill. Book I 9/27/2010
24. Faringdon Hill. Book Ii 9/27/2010
25. Ode To Liberty 9/27/2010
26. On The Wreck Of The Halsewell 9/27/2010
27. Prologue To The Second Part Of Henry Iv 9/27/2010
28. Prologue, Intended For 9/27/2010
29. Sent To Dr. Hayes, With The Ode To Harmony 9/27/2010
30. Sent To Mr. Haley, On Reading His Epistles On Epic Poetry 9/27/2010
31. Sonnet Ii, Written At Cliefden Spring 9/27/2010
32. The Art Of War. Book I. 9/27/2010
33. The Art Of War. Book Ii. 9/27/2010
34. The Art Of War. Book Iii. 9/27/2010
35. The Art Of War. Book Iv. 9/27/2010
36. The Art Of War. Book V. 9/27/2010
37. The Art Of War. Book Vi. 9/27/2010
38. The Eighth Olympic Ode Of Pindar 9/27/2010
39. The Fourth Olympic Ode Of Pindar 9/27/2010
40. The Last Elegy Of The Third Book Of Tibullus 9/27/2010

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Best Poem of Henry James Pye

The Triumph Of Fashion

A Vision

In that bless'd season, when descending snows,
In robes of virgin white, the fields inclose;
When Beaux, and Belles, their rural seats forego,
For the gay seats of Almack's and Soho:
When to his consort's wish the sportsman yields,
And quits, for Grosvenor-Square, the frostbound fields;
What time stout Labor waking rears his head,
And jaded Luxury just thinks of bed;
Tir'd with the toilsome pleasures of the day,
Stretch'd on my couch with weary limbs I lay:
Then, as disorder'd slumbers clos'd my eyes,
This strange fantastic vision seem'd to...

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A Greek Scolion, Or Song

In myrtle wreaths my sword I bear,
As, fir'd by zeal, the illustrious pair
Conceal'd from view the avenging sword
The haughty Tyrant's breast that gor'd,
And Athen's equal rights restor'd.
Belov'd Harmodius! Death in vain
O'er thee usurp'd a transient reign.
Those happy Isles thy footsteps tread

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