Henry Lawson

(17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922 / Grenfell, New South Wales)

Henry Lawson Poems

361. The Old, Old Story And The New Order 3/26/2010
362. The Other Gum 3/26/2010
363. The Outside Track 3/26/2010
364. The Paroo 1/1/2004
365. The Passing Of Scotty 3/27/2010
366. The Patriotic League 3/27/2010
367. The Patteran 3/27/2010
368. The Pavement Stones :A Song Of The Unemployed 3/27/2010
369. The Peace Maker 3/27/2010
370. The Pink Carnation 3/27/2010
371. The Poets Of The Tomb 12/31/2002
372. The Port O'Call 3/27/2010
373. The Ports Of The Open Sea 3/27/2010
374. The Pride That Comes After 3/27/2010
375. The Prime Of Life 3/27/2010
376. The Professional Wanderer 1/1/2004
377. The Rebel 3/27/2010
378. The Rhyme Of The Three Greybeards 1/1/2004
379. The Roaring Days 12/31/2002
380. The Rose 3/27/2010
381. The Route March 3/27/2010
382. The Rovers 3/27/2010
383. The Rush To London 3/27/2010
384. The Scamps 3/27/2010
385. The Scots [a Dirge] 3/27/2010
386. The Seabolt's Volunteers 3/27/2010
387. The Seabolt's Volunteers 3/29/2010
388. The Secret Whisky Cure 3/27/2010
389. The Separated Women 3/27/2010
390. The Separation 3/27/2010
391. The Shakedown On The Floor 3/27/2010
392. The Shame Of Going Back 12/31/2002
393. The Shanty On The Rise 12/31/2002
394. The Shearers 1/1/2004
395. The Shearers Dream 1/1/2004
396. The Ships That Won'T Go Down 1/1/2004
397. The Skyline Riders 3/27/2010
398. The Sleeping Beauty 3/27/2010
399. The Sliprails And The Spur 12/31/2002
400. The Soldier Birds 3/29/2010
Best Poem of Henry Lawson

Andy's Gone With Cattle

Our Andy's gone to battle now
'Gainst Drought, the red marauder;
Our Andy's gone with cattle now
Across the Queensland border.

He's left us in dejection now;
Our hearts with him are roving.
It's dull on this selection now,
Since Andy went a-droving.

Who now shall wear the cheerful face
In times when things are slackest?
And who shall whistle round the place
When Fortune frowns her blackest?

Oh, who shall cheek the squatter now
When he comes round us snarling?
His tongue is growing hotter now
Since Andy ...

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The Cambaroora Star

So you're writing for a paper? Well, it's nothing very new
To be writing yards of drivel for a tidy little screw;
You are young and educated, and a clever chap you are,
But you'll never run a paper like the CAMBAROORA STAR.
Though in point of education I am nothing but a dunce,
I myself -- you mayn't believe it -- helped to run a paper once
With a chap on Cambaroora, by the name of Charlie Brown,
And I'll tell you all about it if you'll take the story down.

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