Henry Lawson

(17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922 / Grenfell, New South Wales)

Henry Lawson Poems

401. A Dirge Of Joy 3/26/2010
402. Out On The Roofs Of Hell 3/26/2010
403. The Men We Might Have Been 1/3/2003
404. The Iron Wedding Rings 1/1/2004
405. A Mixed Battle Song 3/26/2010
406. A Fantasy Of War 3/26/2010
407. A Derry On A Cove 3/26/2010
408. Reedy River 1/1/2004
409. The Old Bark School 1/1/2004
410. A Little Mistake 3/26/2010
411. A Voice From The City 3/26/2010
412. Australia's Forgotten Flag 3/26/2010
413. The Never-Never Country 1/3/2003
414. My Father-In-Law And I 3/26/2010
415. Sez You 1/1/2004
416. I'Ll Tell You What You Wanderers 1/1/2004
417. In The Street 1/1/2004
418. A New John Bull 3/26/2010
419. A Dan Yell 3/26/2010
420. The Bush Girl 1/1/2004
421. 39 3/29/2010
422. Mount Bukaroo 12/31/2002
423. The Fire At Ross's Farm 12/31/2002
424. The Heart Of Australia 1/1/2004
425. Said Grenfell To My Spirit 1/1/2004
426. A Slight Misunderstanding At The Jasper Gate 3/26/2010
427. The Fight At Eureka Stockade 1/1/2004
428. Republican Pioneers 1/1/2004
429. The Sliprails And The Spur 12/31/2002
430. The Wreck Of The `derry Castle' 12/31/2002
431. When Hopes Ran High 3/27/2010
432. A Mate Can Do No Wrong 3/26/2010
433. Peter Anderson And Co. 12/31/2002
434. The Song Of Australia 1/1/2004
435. Cinderella 3/26/2010
436. My Land And I 1/1/2004
437. As Good As New 3/26/2010
438. Victory 1/1/2004
439. Poverty 3/26/2010
440. The City Bushman 12/31/2002
Best Poem of Henry Lawson

Andy's Gone With Cattle

Our Andy's gone to battle now
'Gainst Drought, the red marauder;
Our Andy's gone with cattle now
Across the Queensland border.

He's left us in dejection now;
Our hearts with him are roving.
It's dull on this selection now,
Since Andy went a-droving.

Who now shall wear the cheerful face
In times when things are slackest?
And who shall whistle round the place
When Fortune frowns her blackest?

Oh, who shall cheek the squatter now
When he comes round us snarling?
His tongue is growing hotter now
Since Andy ...

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At The Beating Of A Drum

Fear ye not the stormy future, for the Battle Hymn is strong,
And the armies of Australia shall not march without a song;
The glorious words and music of Australia's song shall come
When her true hearts rush together at the beating of a drum.

We may not be there to hear it – 'twill be written in the night,
And Australia's foes shall fear it in the hour before the fight.
The glorious words and music from a lonely heart shall come
When our sons shall rush to danger at the beating o

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