RoseAnn V. Shawiak Heroes Poems

Personal Heroes

Outside, an American flag furling and unfurling in this morning
breeze, sharing it's symbol of freedom and liberty with us all.

A reminder of all those who have sacrificed to protect our nation

Veterans, Heroes In Our Book

True Americans gathered together in rock and roll rhythms,
having the time of their lives, enjoying the freedom our
Veterans fought for.

Remembering Past Heroes

Remembering heroes from the past, loved ones who cared
and loved us more than anyone else on this earth, our
memories being driven from within intellectual minds.

Unknown Heroes

Heroes in life are not always famous or well-known, there are
individuals who have done amazing things in their lives and
no one has ever heard of them, they are truly unknowns.

Heroes Born Of Tragedy

Songs of remembrance flow from within creative and
talented people, situations that touch us deeply,
penetrating our interior minds with their sadness.

Heroes Of The U.S.A.

Courage and honor grown and nurtured throughout child-
hood, parents loving and caring for their children daily,
instilling pride and innocence.

Our Heroes

Riding waves of patriotism here in America, loving the
red, white and blue, our Star Spangled Banner and the
freedom they stand for.

Added To Our List Of Heroes

Mountains being climbed, life entering new realms,
taking steps into the freedom and liberty of all

Silent Heroes

Solitary, standing alone on the home front, waiting
for their loved ones who are living their purposes.

Vets never complaining, committing their lives to

Heroes Appearing

Heroes are appearing in every corner of America, small
towns, men, women, and children even, standing against
Obama, muslims, illegals and evil.

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