Herofil Olarte

Herofil Olarte Poems

1. Long Before 6/18/2011
2. Your Heartfelt Love 6/18/2011
3. Love Dies 6/18/2011
4. Oh I See 6/20/2011
5. Sometimes 6/20/2011
6. Being A Man 6/20/2011
7. Misery In The Heart 6/20/2011
8. For Your Love 6/21/2011
9. Underneath That Tree 6/25/2011
10. When Does It End? 6/29/2011
11. Why Do? 7/12/2011
12. The Last Poem 7/14/2011
13. If I Told You The Truth 7/31/2011
14. The Life You'Ll Be Remembered 8/4/2011
15. Jealousy 8/12/2011
16. Freedom 8/19/2011
17. If I Have To Say Goodbye 8/24/2011
18. Sure? 8/25/2011
19. Masquerade 9/3/2011
20. The Way We Used To Be 8/15/2011
21. Mending A Broken Heart 8/23/2011
22. Frozen Creek 7/29/2011
Best Poem of Herofil Olarte

Frozen Creek

I am listening…
Every poem you posted I am wondering
Like a melody made in frozen creek
Breathtaking and as cold as you speak

Forgive my intrusion
My heart is still having illusions
To kiss and see you is not my intension
Our friendship is unique in this dimension

I wish we could start anew
To know each other more
Even though you ignore
My wishes always be yours

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Love Dies

I used to believe in happily ever after
Nothing else matter
Against all odds
As long as we’re together
Indeed time passes by
Lullaby seems to die
You’ve said sad goodbyes
Heartbreaking, yes
Indeed, I almost die

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