Hilaire Belloc

(27 July 1870 – 16 July 1953 / La Celle-Saint-Cloud)

Hilaire Belloc Poems

41. Kings Live In Palaces, And Pigs In Sties 3/21/2004
42. The Loser 4/3/2010
43. On Two Ministers Of State 1/3/2003
44. [month Of] October 12/31/2002
45. [month Of] September 1/3/2003
46. The Marmozet 1/3/2003
47. Song 12/31/2002
48. The Mirror 4/3/2010
49. On The Ladies Of Pixton 1/3/2003
50. On Torture: A Public Singer 1/3/2003
51. Franklin Hyde 12/31/2002
52. Lines To A Don 12/31/2002
53. On The Little God 1/3/2003
54. The Death And Last Confession Of Wandering Peter 1/3/2003
55. Time Cures All 1/3/2003
56. Hildebrand 12/31/2002
57. The Scorpion 12/31/2002
58. On The Gift Of A Book To A Child 4/3/2010
59. Lines For A Christmas Card 12/31/2002
60. The Statue 1/3/2003
61. The Telephone 1/3/2003
62. Ha'Nacker Mill 12/31/2002
63. The Night 12/31/2002
64. On Vital Statistics 1/3/2003
65. Juliet 5/9/2001
66. Godolphin Horne 12/31/2002
67. The Evenlode 12/31/2002
68. The Pacifist 1/3/2003
69. The World Is Full Of Double Beds 3/21/2004
70. Heretics All 5/9/2001
71. The Pelagian Drinking Song 12/31/2002
72. The Yak 12/31/2002
73. Because My Faltering Feet 12/31/2002
74. Is There Any Reward? 12/31/2002
75. The Birds 5/9/2001
76. Heroic Poem In Praise Of Wine 12/31/2002
77. The Dromedary 12/31/2002
78. The Whale 12/31/2002
79. The Hippopotamus 12/31/2002
80. Lord Finchley 12/31/2002

Comments about Hilaire Belloc

  • Lucretia Vandemark (4/8/2006 10:19:00 AM)

    When we were about ages 8 and 11, my brother and I found 'Jim' in a textbook (one of many old ones my father, a high school history teacher, had on the shelf) .
    We memorized it and recited it often for friends and family.
    Now I'm teaching it to my grandchildren.
    It's a great poem!

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    13 person did not like.
  • Randy Gill (2/28/2006 7:51:00 AM)

    The poem was as if written by a child. I review poetry everyday on a poetry site. This was downright silly. I will read more, maybe they get better. THIs is just my opinion, nothing more.

  • Louise Mcvicar (9/10/2005 2:50:00 AM)

    Hilaire Belloc was a brilliant poet. My grandads dad read his poetry to him, my grandad read it to my mum and her sisters and my mum read it to me. I have my own book of 'Cautionary tales for children.' They are readable, morbid and witty all at the same time as capturing the essence of the time. I love his fables of naughty children, his fun dittys and of course I have just recently discovered that he wrote so much more. Have a browse, he is the best! Louise

Best Poem of Hilaire Belloc


Do you remember an Inn,
Do you remember an Inn?
And the tedding and the spreading
Of the straw for a bedding,
And the fleas that tease in the High Pyrenees,
And the wine that tasted of tar?
And the cheers and the jeers of the young muleteers
(Under the vine of the dark veranda)?
Do you remember an Inn, Miranda,
Do you remember an Inn?
And the cheers and the jeers of the young muleteers
Who hadn't got a penny,
And who weren't paying any,
And the hammer at the doors and the din?
And the hip! hop! hap!
Of the clap
Of the hands to the ...

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Time Cures All

It was my shame, and now it is my boast,
That I have loved you rather more than most.

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