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When i don't get to hear from you
I feel so lonely
When i don't get the chance to see you
I feel so lonely

For days and months, it hasn't been easy
For hours and seconds, i'm longing for you

AzZ, you made my world came true,

Spinning in circles
Oh what a weather
A squeal of laughter
I’m seeing you down

Deep in my heart;
So full of wonders,
Misery, loneliness and sadness,
Bliss, cheerfulness and calmness,

Every time I go to bed
I love to smuggle into my blanket
Letting it warmth cover me
My head resting on my pillow

Down i go on the waterfall
On a bright sunny day
With a thrill of laughter
And a unforgettable happiness

Everybody knows that I’m deaf - not dead
Everybody knows that I do eat – not bleat
Everybody knows that I collect things – not talking bluff
Everybody knows that I’m weird – not wine

Why do I feel dumped?
Am I dumped forever?
Am I for real?

Checking if the rooms are alright
Making sure that everything if almost right
Such a massive space I’d ever see
Real posh and so clean

if i could
i would destory everything
until nothing is left
if i could

I love you
You love me
Our love for each other will never fade away
No no

This id one of the biggest challenge
I’ll ever face
Undoubtly that somehow, someway
I’ll pass this test

You think you can challenge me
You think you’re better
You think you can control
You think you can take away

Turning to an adulthood
Having a wide range of opportunities
The future may seem unpredictable
But will blossom in no time

I have my dreams and objectives
It would be great if I get them all
It would be great that I shouldn’t worry
But then, I’ve got me to sort out

On my first week, it was terrible
A week after that, god knows how I feel
Grew closer and closer to feel, to have
Each day pass by like a boat sailing

In any business you go,
There are offices in every corner
No matter how many times you let yourself down
You can still renew it again

When things are tight,
It’s outta control
You can’t really stop it.
When things aren’t going right

To me, everything just goes fat
As fast as wind and faster than a sound
Not realizing that all are changing
Changing as people move on

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Hiya all! I'm a mixed asian, so basically i'm from half of the world! I write poems when i'm in the mood, but still it's part of my hobby! Throughout my life, I went through hardships and happiness, but I guess it helped me to learn more about life, and yet it is hard to handle some stiuations. I believe that we all should learn from our mistakes, other people's experiences and life stories. It would make us a better people I think: D)

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I Feel Lonely Without You

When i don't get to hear from you
I feel so lonely
When i don't get the chance to see you
I feel so lonely
When i know you're not there
I feel so lonely
When i'm sad, there's no one to lean on to
I feel so lonely
When i'm thinking silently
I fell so lonely
There's no one that i wanna be with apart being with u
I feel so lonely
There's no one better than u
I feel so lonely
God why do i feel so lonely?
When i know i can't come to u
As anytime, whenever as i want to...?
And why do i feel so angry....

I wish i was with u
Each day's been killing me
Looking at ur pics,
it brought back the memories
Shaking my head
How can i go through?
AzZ, there's no one special except u
and i just wish i could show it to u

Missing u loads

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Hindy Nobody Popularity

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