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Happy Birth Day

To you happy birth day,
And have a nice day.
If there will be Sunday or Monday,
I will say only today.

Sometimes I Love U

Sometimes I love U,
I know this.
How can I, How it may be?
I don't understand.

Someone Will Come Into My Life

Someone will come into my Life,
I know this.
Who will be...
How will be?

Troue Love

Whoom we love,
he must be realize it himself,
without any explanation,
and that is troue Love.

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I have a clear cut profile having knowledge in electrical field. Working as 'Operator'in Mahavitaran (? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ;) or Mahadiscom (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited - MSEDCL) in Maharashtra. Love Life & Mind is the trangle of life...

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