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Hontonnu Dominic Poems

1. This Love 8/8/2011
2. Let Me Miss You On My Term 8/8/2011
3. Discover Me! 8/8/2011
4. Take My Spirit 8/8/2011
5. Feel Me In 8/9/2011
6. Heart Robber 8/8/2011
7. Miss Titi 8/9/2011
8. Put It All On Beauty 8/15/2011
9. Take My Moment And My Day 9/9/2011
10. With You In My Head 9/9/2011
11. Why Will You Beg When I’ve Let Go 9/9/2011
12. This Set Of Love 9/9/2011
13. Semako 9/26/2011
14. Call Me Stingy 9/26/2011
15. The Bokoharamians 9/26/2011
16. A Friendship Heart 9/26/2011
17. Am I Now Your Enemy? 9/28/2011
18. Before You Go Listen To My Own Side Of The Story 9/28/2011
19. My Love For You Is More Than A School! 10/13/2011
20. Am I Am Missing You? 10/13/2011
21. God Bless This Little One (This Was For Someone Who Never Care About This Poem) 10/26/2011
22. Fake You 10/26/2011
23. The Heart Inside My Heart 10/27/2011
24. Life That Will Begin With You 10/27/2011
25. Here Without You 10/29/2011
26. Decoy In My Head 10/29/2011
27. Too Much Love 10/29/2011
28. When A Woman Loves 10/29/2011
29. My Heart A Perfect Place For Your Love 6/1/2012
30. Ambition 6/3/2012
31. I Love My Poem The Way They Come 6/3/2012
32. Too Much Too Little 6/12/2012
33. How Can I Trust You 6/17/2012
34. Stay Tonight 9/30/2011
35. Happy Independent Day Nigerian 10/13/2011
36. Don’t Cry For Me Nigerian 10/13/2011
37. I Will Sleep In Your Generator Room I Swear 6/28/2012
38. Am Beging You 6/28/2012
39. I Will Be There 6/29/2012
40. Why Will I Love! 7/19/2012

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I'M Not Sad But I Know Am Not Happy

i just hope i can feel again
Either sadness of joy
Either love or hate
Either pity or mercy

But all i know now is
i am not happy and i' not sad
I'm not okay to be alright
And i have to show the world
How strong this has mode me

That this will not bring me down
That i will like to tell the story
That life will fine me again
That i will soon smile

I am not angry or vex
I'm not full with that your hate
And tear doesn't want to come
I'm hanging inbetween
And the light ahead feel dem

I don't want your love
And i don't want ...

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Feel Me In

Tonight hold me close to your heart and
Tell me you care, tell me you undastand
Tell me you are there,
Tell me all the sweet things in this world
All i need to hear is you
Tell me am the best
Tell me am careing even when we know that am nt
Tell me you love me, show me the colour of you love
Feel me in within and make love with me

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