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Hi, friend!
What’s your scope?
Are you goin’ to engineering?
Or will you be a doctor?

Why is this so?
In the safest place I fear…

I am in my house,

The blue color in the picture that I could see-
Reminded of this emotion to me.

Sadness! Ten hours instead of one,

I have been to the Kaabah,
That mesmerizing scene I saw!
The luminous beauty I see there,
For what the Muslims have ever fought.

(Poem from a mom to her child who is watching t.v late night)

Its quarter to one,
And late night shows have begun.

It was you who smiled at me,
When these familiar walls were a maze!
Your kind eyes sparkled and showered-
Immense Love!


When there’s cooperation and harmony,
One strong bond forms from many,

Thee eyes, in thee face,
I saw passing by.

And with them,

Sleeping nights,
Star filled and beautiful!
Silent, little animals.
Stand-by, the forests.


What’s success without loss?
You can’t win every toss!

Imagine many a men, joined together, wise.
Look at the world through their eyes,
Oh! Had for this they given great sacrifice?
Computers all around, humans as ice!


Same shrieking morning alarms,
Same morning fear!

The school days are near, The school days are near!

Years gone by,
The angels, on me, silently spy.
Hands of the clock have jammed,
In this satanic Heart!


The beautiful ugly witch,


If I were a cloud,


Last one alive, and all is mine-
Loneliness, material, graves...

In the winter mist & darkened days,

Cosy hours of dreams await!

What Beautifies the world? Gives it a perfect touch?
The virtue of truth, it matters much!
A world full of vices, dishonesty and bluff,
Is no fun to see, no elegant stuff!


I dream of fancy, fancy things,

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Poetry? The Most elegant form of self-expression! P - Pretty O - Ointment to feelings E - Elegant T - True from the heart R - Rapturous Y - Yag-like)

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What's The Scope?

Hi, friend!
What’s your scope?
Are you goin’ to engineering?
Or will you be a doctor?
Why don’t you be a lawyer?
Or maybe being a psychiatrist would suite you…

All I wanna know,
Is what your scope is…
So I make my decision too…
Cause you know,
You’re intelligent…
N I’m a stupid brat…
So I thought I’d stay away…
Cause where you’ll go,
I hold no place…

You’re the one we people leave the way for,
People like you, yes we do…
And so I thought I’d ask you before-
My friend,
What’s your Scope?

please give me views about my poems - I am a new writer!

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Poems Writer 28 September 2009

Hello Hm! I really love your poems they are great! Esp that one: In the safest place I fear! Keep it up!

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