Hugh Sykes Davies Poems

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Poem (‘in The Stump Of The Old Tree...’)

In the stump of the old tree, where the heart has rotted out, there is a hole the length of a man’s arm, and a dank pool at the bottom of it where the rain gathers, and the old leaves turn into lacy skeletons. But do not put your hand down to see, because

Music In An Empty House

The house was empty and
      the people of the house
      gone many months

Poem (‘it Doesn’t Look Like A Finger...’)

It doesn’t look like a finger it looks like a feather of broken glass
It doesn’t look like something to eat it looks like something eaten
It doesn’t look like an empty chair it looks like an old woman
searching in a heap of stones

Decline Of Phæthon

i 40-Phæthon’s
leash more suns
for caravan
with your body’s-span


If the father’s bankrupt, and the sons fail,
Blaming it on their own bad start,
Say the father should have gone to gaol,
Forgetting their grandfather’s part.

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