Bijay Kant Dubey Humour Poems

When dug I the historical house
Of the guy,
Found I bottles,
The bottles as the ruins,

Satire & Humour In Indian English Poetry

Satire and hunmour in Indian English poetry,
This too needs to be researched,
Perused and explored in all possibilities
Taking the evolving literature

Poetry Is Humour, Good Humour

Poetry is humour,
To keep you in good spirits is
The job of a humorist
And the humorist as a poet

Caricature, Humour And Irony In A.K.Ramanujan

Caricature, irony and humour
The forte of Ramanujan
Regaling with,
Forming the crux of

Satire, Humour & Irony

Satire is bites and barks,
Jibes and jostles,
Attacks directed upon,
Full of taunts and twists,

Will not my wit and humour turn me into a joker, a joker of Indian English poetry,
Joking and smiling all the times,
Never learnt to be serious,
Always smiling,

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