Poetry Is Humour, Good Humour Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Poetry Is Humour, Good Humour

Poetry is humour,
To keep you in good spirits is
The job of a humorist
And the humorist as a poet
If say you
That too a part of poetry,
Why can it not reflect it?

Bad humour not, good humour
As it is for health’s sake,
As you may take in a bad sense
And it may turn satiric and ironical,
If you have to free, you be a humorist,
Recreate you
And get recreated,
And get you regaled.

The art of a humorist is
In the undefined art of humour,
As how to keep you
In good spirits,
Recreational and regaling in full
Marking your mood and mind,
As how to keep you in good humour
And you deriving from
The talks lively and tuned to
Your tuning.

The humorist screws it not,
Neither pinches
Nor gives jibes,
Neither taunts and tricks
Nor rubs salt on the wound of yours,
Neither criticizes and comments
Nor shows any disgust,
Envy, malice and vengeance,
Free from all these
He goes regaling and caricaturing.

Without picking quarrels,
The humorist goes on making you smile,
Laugh at,
Burst into smiles and laughs,
Sometimes guffaws,
Giggles and chuckles,
Smiles and laughters,
You hearing him
And smiling within,
How funny and joking is he!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: art
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