RoseAnn V. Shawiak Hurting Poems

Hurting With Rumors

Falling behind the express of life, being derailed
by other people spreading rumors behind my back.

Hope they find themselves regretting it one day,

Hurting Of Youth

Snowbound, lost in space, left upon a frozen wasteland,
tinkling lightly, ice gently lets everyone know that
someone's passing.

Hurting Truths

Clicking in my mind, sending messages to and from consciousness and back from unconsciousness to a reality I don't want to realize or observe.

Hurting Children

Politicians hiding behind closed doors and in secret places, wearing their masked faces so no one will blame them for their excuses to the public.
Wearing thin, are the ways they invent to pick our pockets, leaving us with nothing for our families.
Taking bribes, kick-backs, campaign funds - all under the guise of felonies not committed by them.
Corrupt men and women running our city and state governments.

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