Hussein Barghouthi Poems

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Mirror Nine

(excerpt from poetry book 'liquid mirrors')

When she told him that she's not his until he wrote 'the poem in her mind', he tried to sense what she meant, so he recorded all his previous poems on a tape, and stayed in hope that she'd like something from them.
So the director protested from a completely unexpected angle:

From A Negro's Diaries

(Extract from 'There Are Viler Words Than These' poetry book)

I stood on the staircase of the palace in her dream,
'your eyes are a tear of love from old lands'


How often had I said: stay mine! !
How mine you were often, and often opposed me, and the memories estranged you
And the midnight trains in my soul,
And rivers without water, haunted by diaspora

A Dream

Your white fingers pass through my dream
like ten mirrors
and I see myself in them as smokeless fire
don't hurt the heart, my dear desire


I live and never lean on anyone, never feel sorrow
Never do flowers any wrong,
Like black viscous grease on a toothed wheel
In the belly of a machine, mechanized



In the autumn of moonlit peaches, I walk toward your house,
In dew placing foot
And your house in the hills, surrounded by oranges surround it,
And my sadness ends, and under the snow, pinnacles growing cold;


(And Tawba was a sunset of strange greenness,
and in him a distance like fire
and in him a blue path.
And Tawba was too far to have,

Layla Wa Tawba #26

(Tawba had no land - it was said the morning is his -
He had no grave - it was said death, like the wind, resides in his house -
He had not even a bomb
To clear the debts, and wasn't, neither, a Lark

The Metamorphoses

I meant a different context,
Other than my first context, and other than my other context,
And what I will contextualize,
Other than the grass, the earth, the first kiss

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