I Am Here

I Am Here Poems

1. Flows And Drops 6/1/2013
2. Awaiting 6/1/2013
3. A Love Defintion 6/1/2013
4. Pondering A Feeling 6/1/2013
5. What Happened? 6/2/2013
6. First Meeting 6/2/2013
7. Meeting You 6/2/2013
8. To Love Another 6/2/2013
9. Loves Deep 6/2/2013
10. Steamy Cups And Sending Love 6/2/2013
11. A Current Of An Unknown Fate 6/3/2013
12. Beautifal Things 6/3/2013
13. Unbalancing The Sea 6/3/2013
14. The Belonging Of The Beach 6/3/2013
15. Letter Lost At Sea 6/3/2013
16. The Seasons 6/3/2013
17. I Love You Every Season 6/3/2013
18. Moonlight Connection 6/3/2013
19. Sending Love By Moon 6/3/2013
20. A First Feeling 6/3/2013
21. Life Is Equally Important 6/3/2013
22. Fates And Forever 6/3/2013
23. Beauty Is In The Eyes Of Its Beholder 6/3/2013
24. I Am Here 6/1/2013
25. Waiting By The Phone 5/31/2013
26. The Ship And The Sea 6/1/2013
27. Speechless Love 6/1/2013
28. Letter To My Captain 6/1/2013
29. I Dreamed A Crazy Wonderful Dream 6/2/2013
30. Invisibly Here 5/31/2013

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Best Poem of I Am Here

Invisibly Here

I am here..
I am here always
I am here with my heart
I am here in the dark
I am here all alone
I am here with my hand
Outreached in my grasp
Into the black
The sea of all lonely
I am here
I am here if you need me
I am here if you want me
I love you
I love you very much
And if invisible
It has to be
I am here for you always
So invisibly
And very sorry indeed..
I am here
I will plead forever
To thee
My Love
I am here
So invisible

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Letter To My Captain

Dear Captain, I am hear
I am waiting for you
Always with love in my heart
Your letters captain
Well it guides my in spirit
Its shows me hope and keeps me
Alive and breathing for I know
One day I will see you my captain
And one day you will be here

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