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If men are like God
They will create their world
And rule it the way they like
And no one to check them.

Must it be you!
Your name they mentioned
When poverty kills.

Ain't you tired of bad names!

We are poets

Users of verses and rhymes

We are back at where we set off
After circling round and round
Like an eagle preying over nothing.

The road I passed all thorn
My determined clothe is torn
And fatigue turning on.

I am your mortal god that loves you,
Your angel that guides
When the sun sleeps
I will be the dew that moistens your feet

Ocean is dry
And fount not secreting
Wind still rove the dry land
In its usual way

The wisest man is a blind man
But the fool can still see
From the minuscule of brain
What transpired in the darkness of night

Everything passes
Such is the nature of things
The time we live in passes
And so are the moments we have

When I was young
I detested being told I was young
I acted the script of adulthood that I conjured in my head
I grew beards with all herbs, and enhancers

When sonorous songs of birds woke me from sleep
And I saw mountains and valleys at a glance
All covered with healthy trees, shrubs and grasses
Glistening gracious greenish green

In the yonder
Where we wander
We were inseparable
Mumble and humble

The man Atiku
Thought his ride would be cool
For many he had wooed
And his name they spewed

We are dusts in the air
Sooner, wind will stop
We will settle whence we came.

Nigeria, my loving nation
My land and home
My resting place when the sun cease to be
How can i ameliorate thee

Great efforts, great rewards
Sow big, reap big
The language used in speeches and banners
In school, at work.

From the horizon
Harkened as the people beckon
The sun of change.

Beautiful mother we call
We crave your love
That never seems to be
The more we reach


Awake from slumber with malice-free mind
Frown at corruption, free feet to run field with
Restive spirit of melancholic
In the sparkling sky eyes

Alade Abayomi Idris Biography

Alade Abayomi Idris was born on the 25th of November,1989 to the family of Mr and Mrs Alade. He hailed from Alimosho Local Government in Lagos state. He had his primary and secondary education in Lagos. He bagged NCE and Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Ijanikin, and University of Benin. He is presently doing his Masters in Theatre Arts at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.)

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If Men Are Like God

If men are like God
They will create their world
And rule it the way they like
And no one to check them.
They will give life at will
And take it without prior notice
They will take praise from their handiworks
And live only by it.
They will be the alpha and omega
Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent.
They will appear white
Even if they are black.

But men are never God
So sad to help themselves
The soil too hard to till
They only look up to the hill where help comes
Not manner whose cook is unknown
But lubricant to lubricate their cogs
In the field they found themselves.

If men are God
They will live like their maker
Whose image they were created.

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The best place to write one's name is in the heart of men. It gets embellished every passing day.

Setting a standard is easy, keeping to it is hard

A poet is a crier whose cries pierce the ears of his people.

The memory is the house of past events.

Ego and hunger are the reasons the world is not settled

Those that want war have probably not experience the true meaning of peace.

Success story has many episodes

Love is the only pit that people continually fall into.

To every prize is a name.

Good things come with prices. Even your future does.

The number of lights a stage has determines its visibility so also so the number of scholars a nation or continent has determines the level of developments its would experience.

Nobody rises above what he does.

People are like sound system. They pronounce your name the way you spelt it.

Saying one's mind is the key for living a happy life in the midst of people.

Something you do not work on would remain the same. If you want success, work on the things you have now.

The best way to silent your enemies is by doing what they think you couldn't.

Better unmove than move amiss.

A wise man keeps people in his house regardless of what it takes while a foolish man keeps money in his house.

It is better not to be a leader than become a leader that leads people astray.

There are more theories than practicals e.g Knowing what is right and doing it.

Patience is the key to many life challenges.

Contentment is an enemy of progress.

I have never seen where white men shout racism. It's a language only known to black men because of their inferiority state of minds.

Give life what it takes to enjoy what life brings.

We are stories boldly inscribed for the meticulous to read and blurry for myopic to comprehend.

Teachers are the rungs of the ladders that students climb into their dreams.

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Alade Abayomi Idris Popularity

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