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That the woods,
The air
The water
All of those annihilated,

The beauty I've seen on your eyes
Above millions of butterflies,
Rising with the sunshine,
Engrave a stack of beauty line.

শব্দই যদি দুর্বোধ্য তবে অর্থ খুঁজি কেন?
ছাপা শব্দে অভেদ্য অর্থ স্পষ্ট হৃদয়ে।
লেখায় লেখায় ভরে যাক মসৃণ খাতা,
কীসের মোহনীয়তায় নিরাবেগ অকাট্য সম্পাদনা?

Always bound on the way to go
Retard eyesight towards the flow

Fire, flower what's pretended to be great

The Sun falls
Eclipse comes with night fears
Moon shines diaphanous behind the collyrium
Defining its life catchall brace.

Recondite obscurity will terminate,
You will oscillate with complacency gurgitation.
Isn't it cognizant?
Some tacit shadows are surrounding you

Rain, don't come again
Until i reach at home.
Then begin.
Rain, don't come again.

You never know
I touch you
Far and wide here and there.
Wooden lane or the sea shore

Took people me to the task
Deter saying it's absurd ask.

Rushed and flown around miles after miles

she has paid a never thought
I applied and applied and applied
It has been in denial like climbing fort
All attempts are in vain and none

You know it's easy to say and you said and then long time flew away
I waited and waited and waited
thousands of time along surprises
Moon shone and slept after midnight

Bird flies, flies above the sky, birds.
flowers are dancing as in their hearts.
Sun explores a new sunny days,
At once delight with joy all the bays.

Sky blooms it's best
Token of love
Clouds comes with arrogance
I see you are in tears.

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That the woods,
The air
The water
All of those annihilated,
Sitting on the top
Accounts all the sky.
This sky is not the sky
With it's radical entity.

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Don't try to find yourself get busy creating the best You are what, What you can.

Sometimes not to be in Debate, Sometimes not to be in Reasoning, Sometimes do believe in Belief.

When you feel your deep breath You are in with you and alone or tough.

I love you because there's No reason to hate you

When you feel no warmth in fire When you feel no cold in snow Your are certainly in love pasture.

Better to be free insects than a caged fierce beast.

You can be a successful man But family makes you a full man.

Do or repent Alive or die before death.

Criticism tells your existence on earth You are still alive and have a reason to be alive.

Be beast, may be Sometimes it is the best.

Sometimes To be fool is not a sin It makes you new and joyous.

There is no limit of foolishness Those are fool, fool forever.

smarter can conquer all But humanity is the smartest.

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Iftakar Ifti Popularity

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