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Girl i'm here for you
This ain't neva gonna end
You will foreva be
My best friend

A friend is someone we turn to
when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure
for our friendship is a gift.

All the words you said to me,
That seemed to be so true.
Were nothing but thoughtless lies,
That I thought would never come from you.

I couldn't have lived till now
If it wasn't for you
I would have been so lost
Not knowing what to do

People never knew just how much he meant to me and you
They knew him by name, but it's still not the same

His eyes so bright, his smile so wide

i always wonder what your love is like
if it's great or sweet or will you treat me right

will things be great if im with u everyday

My Friend when I think of you.
I think of all that we've been through.
All the times we argue and fight,
I know deep inside that it isn't right.

Hehaka is some-one i can't explain
He brings no sorrow, he brings no pain

Hehaka is a person i cannot doubt

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'Uhm Heyy..! im -Sara- Movedd to the West-side of SD. Pretty-Lame! buhht im 17even-teen year(s) old. -nd-.L.O.V.E. writinq poetry.)

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Sisata's 4 Life!

Girl i'm here for you
This ain't neva gonna end
You will foreva be
My best friend
I promise you now
And i promise you true
With all yo problems
I'm gonna be there for you
We'll spend our time jokin' and laughin'
Checkin' out the guys when they walk in
Life is crazy
Life is fun
When i need a friend
you're the one
We'll party togetha
Up on Moon Light
When you've got tears
That need to be cried
Betta believe it
I'll be by yo side
You is my DAWG
And when you need me
Just pick up the phone
And there i'll be
You and me, honey
We got class
This friendship we got
It ain't neva gonna end
So call on me
I'm yo ghetto sista 'til the end!

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