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1. Remember Those Walls I Build 9/11/2009
2. Nothin Last For Eva 9/16/2009
3. I Love The Way U Lie 8/16/2010
4. Love, Hate 5/3/2011
5. Dont Fight 9/9/2009

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Dont Fight

this poem is detecated to all u people out there that think there all that

dont fight plz because when u do ur
only hurting ur self
dont fight because u will get into trouble
just plz dont fight because u hurt other people
and there family
so just fight because its not good for ur living

dont fight becasue ur pushing ur friends away
dont fight because ur not gunna do any good
dont fight because its not gunna make ya feel any good
dont fight....
dont fight plz because ur not the one gettin hurt so just dont fight
because once when i done it i ...

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