Imelda Ortega Suzara Poems

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Peacekeeping Forces

When wars have ended and we are friends with our enemies,
As governments and armies in war and peace pretended
That bombs and guns would solve problems while mouthing blasphemies.
Cities were destroyed, funerals citizens attended.

Choice Or Convenience

'Henry, is it not time you should propose? '
'Propose what? ' He gulped a sweet chocolate.
'Marriage of course! ' Intrigued, he struck a pose.
'What? For a bachelor, it is too late! '

The Professor's Lessons

Being worldly, filled with erudition,
Professor Helmut Wroth, with a Master
Of Communication, perfect diction,
Teaches English, although his thoughts faster

The Poetess Lies

Tired of reality, its delusions,
The Poetess thought, 'How incredible
A mind's mechanisms and inventions
In perceiving life. To make legible

Last Words

'Students, whatever my ashes are worth,
Remember life is full of dialogues.
Thus, forgive me and my ego henceforth,
For filling your ears with my monologues.'

Last Words Ii

In Virginia: sentenced to die by choice -
Gleason, a prisoner who had murdered
Three men, criminals whose deaths would rejoice
Good Society; victims - first, second, third,

Last Words Iii

Wang had cancer and died a billionaire,
Inheriting her husband's big fortune.
Her cremation news broadcasted by air.
'Richest Asian's health no longer immune,

Tree Trade Master

Mastering a global foreign language
Such as English to improve his country,
Bavaria, Meister Smitt tried to engage
Traders in business. 'Buy a Christmas tree!

Number Of The Beast

Chapter Thirteen, Bible Revelation
Of the Beast triggered my hexaphobia,
Discovering my name in elation
And fear, matched it! To feel xenophobia

The Razor

'It's so strange...I am missing my razor!
Have you seen it around our house by chance? '
'Missing? Where did you leave it? ' Her lip sore
Was bleeding. 'Why do you have this? ' His glance

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