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How can I see myself in you

When you reflect my pain but not my soul

Shall we give in to long lazy loving
Shall we give in to sun struck romance

A pub full of people and you standing there
drinking your last glass of dark coloured beer

you took the ferry without me
and didn’t talk about returning

There was a moment when, together but alone
we stood close to the sea both far away in thought

you closed your eyes I caressed you
with this music not mine

To be so in love that you forget to eat,
that you can only think of your loved one's eyes,
that cold rain feels pleasant to you,
that you don't need sleep yet always dream,

The reed stands
caught in a flight
halfway to freedom,
stranded in a swamp,

It was over between us, and a thunderstorm came.
Books fell down from the shelf for no reason
like domino stones as the grave stones they were,
and my thoughts went with them below,


The air moves from your gesture to the tree
to move a leaf and make it fly away
across the street to land in someone’s tea
before it’s swallowed and the person dies.

When at night
fears come to do the dance macabre in cold uneasy dreams

Death is a mockery of life
They who have lived it through, are dead

So much alone can one only be
in the mind for there is no one else

Your hand is a curious stranger on my skin
This teasing finger
is making a perfect circle on my back
You write your name under my neck

Love scent surrounds us like a cover
Sweet and bitter do you taste
Make no fun now, make no haste
just again please be my lover

All that we see in dreams is gone
the moment we awake

So eagerly I want memory to reproduce

the time when love was me and you,

The way you were then, the way you are
I see you both times now

Not to see the sadness in your eyes,
I’m trapped between forgiveness and your spite

The tired houses leaning side by side
The rusty bicycle you always ride

Ina SchrodersZeeders Biography

Born and living on the island of Terschelling, The Netherlands. My job is writer of light fiction novels (in Dutch) . I am new in writing poetry. Discovering the possibilities is like an adventurous voyage.)

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A Mirror Is A Liar Too

How can I see myself in you

When you reflect my pain but not my soul

Am I to play another part or role

Than to be myself and true?

What can reflections really do

But show the outside of the complex whole

And not the depth, the relief that you stole

A mirror is a liar too

There might be more than what you see

So much is covered by what was

Not to be shown by just some glass

Reflections don’t show the real me

So let this vanity just pass

As you are not my looking-glass

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