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inadvertently raised an English man with a rudimentary tongue known no other.

enjoyed that perfect childhood in a developing country one wonders if it will ever be at development since it is state is still recurring.

education has been an undulating path to put it into perspective may be like one trying to reach beyond the horizon.

this journey continues, now, but when vision has been got the road always ends there when you have just envisaged the 'promised land'...

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As they come easily to some, we wait.
In despair they are strained, in peace they are a deluge.
when the letters form the lives we long to tell,
the lines direct all aspirations.

All around us these model humanity,
from tongues unknown to words assumed.
under the smothered pen of the writer,
to the express poetry from the poets lips.

Precedence to each era is set,
This the inception of all mankind,
it being this, wri-oetry.!

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Ineffable kebbs Kebba Popularity

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