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Everytime when
My heart hurts I try to hide

Then I go walking

Borders are the sublimation of thought
that man owns the earth
and can divide her into pieces
of exclusiveness.

my vast like the ocean
my airy white like a cirrocumulus

my sweet like a memory

I haven't been here before,
nobody has seen me here before.
My sound has never touched this atmosphere,
my steps have never entered this virginal soil.

Colors get a warm tone,
the air starts to flow,
in the crossing zone
between to grab

They speak in a language not understood.
Some words,
They talk about strictly bad or good,

No big deal.
Make room for the fresh and new.
All things must pass.
Sooner or late,

Higher than the clouds,
beyond the sun and the stars.
Between the end and where it all began.
The real core is difficult to untangle.

What are you doing right now?

How do you get through the day?

Only in an early morning dream
When all colors have a shade
Of blue

Around any corner
With a single ray of light

Poets are everywhere

Raise your excitement
with well chosen words.
Words that will adjure the Frozen Woods,
like melting ice in the freezing cold.

Welcome in the gardens of endless journeys
The far edge of visible light, extreme hearing

Waves sway through the calm sea. Storms

No further respite,
shattered dreams, palpable in unnamed nerves
break into mangled reality.
Time is captured between distorted walls.

twee is niet alleen, doch samen
gesmeed tot som der delen
om tot mens-zijn te bekwamen
want alleen gaat zo vervelen

If the door is closed
Without provisional return
Fated to fade

unrest may sprout from more days
of the past than I can remember

calm may drown in more waves


sandblasting without calm
sunburning, to a high degree of blistering
antechamber of death unexplained

I'm on a crossroads of thought
Find my soul of inner deep
Waiting for clouds to roll in
To see the last light caught

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Cinnamon Girl

Everytime when
My heart hurts I try to hide

Then I go walking
Through the fading light

Where autumn leaves look like
The colour of your eyes

There I listen to my breeze
That gently sighs

This love
Is a one of a kind

I think I'm going
Out of my mind

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Iniduo Iniduo Popularity

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