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I am all alone in this world
No one else, but me
I am the only one for me.
I have to care for myself

Come back and tell me you love me.
Show me you care.
Last night baby, you left.
Now please come back.

In a crowd, near a sunset, when I am sad
I miss you, and remember only you
In a song, in a dream, in the sun or rain
I miss you, and remember only you

When there is nothing to do
I just think of you
I wonder why..
I always wonder why..

I had heard that you were a nerd but my heart never believed that though.
You were an unknown mask for me, which was starting to reveal in front of me.
This mask was different and behind it was a real you.
Why can’t you take off the mask and show others what you can really do.

Without you my heart doesn’t feel right,
The days go by so slow, and my nights just cry.
Without you my heart doesn’t feel right,
My heart just lives with your love

You are an angel, but others call you a friend.
God chose you only for me to understand
I know you will be there when I need
But I still fear, why is god doing this to me

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An Angel

An angel came into my life, and then turned it around and left. Now her memories just dig into my heart like sharp swords. Her eyes, her twinkles, her lips, her laugh, and her beautiful smile just showed me the pathway to happiness then the pathway burst and just left bubbles of sorrow. Now just her memories and her words remain with me. Where ever I go, I just find her there. With me will always remain her shadow. My lips will always have her words. These eyes are just filled with her dreams and this broken heart will always be remain filled with her smashed up hopes and promises.

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