RoseAnn V. Shawiak İnsanity Poems

Free From Life's Insanity

Riding roughshod throughout this life, rebelling along the
way, wanting to be free from the insanity of life in every
way possible.

Insanity Of Democrats And Rinos In Our Government

Wondering why so many people are blindly following democrats
and rinos who are so corrupt and satanic, why aren't they a-
ware of who they are supporting?

Reprieve From Insanity

Staying up late into the night, hoping to find a reprieve
from the insanity of humans trying to impose their beliefs
on others whether they want to be submerged in them or not.

Insanity Of Control

Walking a line, attempting to stay on the straight and
narrow, falling by the wayside to break down when pain
becomes too much.

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