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Heaven In Hell

There is a time in coming days
And you know that it is death
And the world is to be set on fire
And if you really think
You will see the earth will sink
Then you'll never call me a liar
There is time to heal it
If you really care for the planet
But it could never be
It could never be

Hell the grief
Change it in little glee
If you want to live
From where you can not flee
There are heavens lying
On the tough shore of death
Save your earth till nothing left to see

If you don; t want a tear
Then there's no need to fear
Life is a mist and you
Can never see at far ends
And if you'll see the veiled beauty
You'll say how could this be
And the beauty goes transcends

There's no need to get there
It's already in yourself
So make a better heart
Get a better soul

Heal your heart
Don't care for coming days
If you have your eyes
Which can still gaze
There are souls dying
If you really care for the living
Save your soul
Till it leaves this haze

But when the time
Will come that
It get another lease
And the dream the soul once had
To rest again in peace
Then why does it wait so long
To break this chain
And sing a new song
Though it's tough to find
The reality behind
Life and death

But it could ride
Through another side
And later
The life will see a new face
In a world with no fear
Even no hurts and no tears
The soul will be again in grace
So don't keep this this heaven
In your bloody frail for along
Meet the reality
Get it's real place

Hell the life
Don't live in prison cage
If you want to be
Out of bloody days
There are heavens calling
That you're tired enough in the prison
Let your little soul
To leave this haze
Let your little soul
To leave this haze.

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Irfan Salimi Popularity

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