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It is time
To slow down
Stay mindful
Watch the birds

I visited you, Amsterdam,
Many moons ago
And I still remember
Your outstanding

Our hearts have strings like guitars
Once passionately tuned
With melodious notes
Beautiful harmonies

The sun is up
The streets are deserted
It is so quiet outside
We see from our windows

I am sitting calmly
Straight up on my heels
By the rainbow colored sand dunes
Created by the Martian gusty winds

What is the ultimate life
All about?
It is about being holy
It is about being healthy

It was a magical night
The sky was lit
By the glory of Luna
The full moon

At the valley
Of butterflies
In Rhodes, Greece
I encountered

Our humble tribute to you
The illuminated woman
Of Word War II
Oh! The courageous Miss Noor Inayat Khan

Welcome to spring!
Season of love and liveliness
Occasion of novel beginnings
And opportunities

The rain splashes and thunder
Watching through the window, I wonder
Is this Mother Nature's whirling dance?
Or just a heavenly romance

Tiny shiny white
Crystals tumble from the sky
Icy diamonds from heaven
Swirl around the trees

A single Elm tree
In the meadows
Calling the black
Capped Chickadees

Irfanulla Shariff Biography

Irfanulla Shariff has been writing poetry for years. He has a great passion for writing inspirational poetry. His work has been published in various poetry magazines and anthologies. His poems were selected to appear in “The Sound of Poetry”, a special audio CD and tape collection. He was presented an International Poet of Merit Award by the International Society of Poets in 2002. Irfanulla's poetic influences are Rumi, Robert Frost and Maya Angelou. He is also a member of Illinois State Poetry Society. By profession, he is a Computer Scientist and Telecommunication Engineer. He is married, lives in South Elgin, Illinois, USA and has three children.)

The Best Poem Of Irfanulla Shariff

It Is Time To Slow Down

It is time
To slow down
Stay mindful
Watch the birds
In the meadows
Admire the flowers
In the garden
Chat with friends
In the neighborhood
Have a cup
Of hot tea
Read an amazing book
Play some relaxing music
Sing your favorite song
Go for a walk
With your loved one
Say how much you treasure
Her or him
In your life

Cherish this present moment
There is more to life
Than making it go faster

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Poetry is a spiritual software written to heal our hearts and souls.

Make your good the best of best in every aspect of your life and never ever give up.

Make the best of best of what you have in the present moment.

You are never too old for anything. Just stay creative and keep on going.

It is never too late to do anything noteworthy.

A quote is a micro poem written to make an everlasting positive impact on our lives.

You can re-write your past and plan for your better future by just being mindful.

Make your mind, body and soul so strong that you become limitless and nothing bothers you in the universe that surrounds you.

First endeavor to make money is to learn how to save money.

Irfanulla Shariff Popularity

Irfanulla Shariff Popularity

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