Irving Feldman

Irving Feldman Poems

1. The Runners 3/25/2016
2. How Wonderful 3/25/2016
3. My Olson Elegy 3/25/2016
4. Six Sailors 3/25/2016
5. The Golden Schlemiel 3/25/2016
6. The Life and Letters 3/25/2016
7. Episode 1/20/2003
Best Poem of Irving Feldman


Their quarrel sent them reeling from the house.
Anything, just get on the road and get away.
Driven out, they drove. . . miles into countryside,
confined and bickering, then cold, polite;
she read a book, or looked out at hillside pastures;
once, faraway life came close, and they stopped
in mist for muddy, slow cows at a crossing,
then, tilted, shuddering, a tractor came across;
coldly silent other hours of trees after trees
interspersed with straggling villages--then hot;
her voice pulsing, tempestuous, against the dash,
buffeted, blew up; the ...

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