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Life Is Like A Game...

Life is like a game,
A hardest game ever,
But how hard it is,
We have to play it and never give up,

Mash - Suicide Is Painless (Lyrics)

Through early morning fog I see
Visions of the things to be
The pains that are withheld for me
I realize and I can see that

Suicide Is...

Suicide is painless,
Suicide is magical,
Suicide is way out of this crap named life,
Suicide is freedom that we need,

Death Is All Around Us...

Death is all around us,
He is watching at us,
Observing us,
Waiting till we screw up,

As A Kids...

As kids we was living a fantasy,
We didn't care about anything except game,
We had no problems,
No care on this world,

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