Isam Hussain

Rookie - 60 Points (8-12-1938 / Iraq)

Isam Hussain Poems

81. The Exile 5/21/2013
82. The Eyes Of Horus 5/21/2013
83. The First Christmas 5/21/2013
84. The Fox Laments 5/21/2013
85. The Gift Of Faith 5/21/2013
86. The Illusion Of Time 5/21/2013
87. The Jaded Editor 5/21/2013
88. The Lamb 5/21/2013
89. The Man That Never Was 5/21/2013
90. The Mendicant 5/21/2013
91. The Mystery Of Life 5/21/2013
92. The Objective And The Subjective 5/21/2013
93. The Poet And The Painter 5/21/2013
94. The Price Of Freedom 5/21/2013
95. The Soul 5/21/2013
96. The Tsunami (Boxing Day 2004, South East Asia) 5/21/2013
97. The Victim 5/21/2013
98. The Way Of True Friendship 5/21/2013
99. They Are No Longer With Us 5/21/2013
100. Third World Debt 5/21/2013
101. Two Loves 5/21/2013
102. Unrequited Love 3/14/2015
103. Valentine Day 5/21/2013
104. Was It Really So? 5/16/2013
105. Western Leaders Make It Plain 5/21/2013
106. What Is Left? 5/21/2013
107. What Is Time? 5/21/2013
108. What Say You? 5/21/2013
109. What Will Be Will Be 5/21/2013
110. Winter, The Unwelcomed Guest 5/21/2013
111. Yesterday And Today 5/21/2013
Best Poem of Isam Hussain

Belief And Unbelief

Sceptics say God is an illusion,
a figment of human imagination,
a sure sign of self-delusion;
they deride the contradiction
that pervades our diction
as we speak of our conviction.

Sceptics make accusations,
hastily raise objections,
they sow the seed of confusion;
weave a web of deception
to avoid giving us their solution
to the mystery of Life and Creation.

They present their case plausibly,
quoting Hawking and Darwin readily:
the Big Bang is the origin of Creation,
and Life is rooted in Evolution;
they urge us to ...

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A Game Of Bridge

The pack is shuffled and cut,
the dealer gives each his lot.
I sense Hope welling up within,
whispering, “It is your turn to win”.

I pick up my allotted share,
expecting a set good and fair;
a hand I can play with flair.
My Hope is dashed, I despair.

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