Iselin Steinsto

Iselin Steinsto Poems

1. All These Thoughts 6/13/2011
2. Smile 6/13/2011
3. No Believer 6/13/2011
4. Still 6/13/2011
5. This Song 6/13/2011
6. Nothing Is Settled Or Is It? 6/13/2011
7. A Hearts Cry 6/13/2011
8. Like A Red Rose 6/13/2011
9. Blue Eyes 6/13/2011
10. Dream 6/13/2011
11. My Heart 6/13/2011
12. Hey, Mister 6/13/2011
13. Words 6/19/2011
14. No Blue Day 6/20/2011
15. An Angel With A Tail 6/23/2011
16. Many Months 9/8/2011
17. My Tears Shadow 9/9/2011
18. I Don'T Know Who You Are 10/4/2011
19. Ripped Up 10/15/2011
20. Out Of Gain 10/24/2011
21. Convince Me! 10/24/2011
22. Ask Me Anything 11/17/2011
23. Get A Grip 11/27/2011
24. All I Want This Christmas 12/5/2011
25. Give Me Your Hand 1/5/2012
26. With My Own Eyes 1/5/2012
27. Don'T Trust My Eyes 4/13/2012
28. Who Would You Be? 4/13/2012
29. The Wall Of Glass 4/13/2012
30. A Poem About Nothing Part 1 4/13/2012
31. A Poem About Nothing Part 2 4/13/2012
32. Shattered 8/31/2014
33. Sanity 8/31/2014
34. Lord Of Time 8/31/2014
35. One Step 8/31/2014
36. Homesick 8/31/2014
37. Running 8/31/2014
38. No More 8/31/2014
39. After You'Re Gone 9/7/2015
40. Songbird 2/11/2013

Comments about Iselin Steinsto

  • Paolo Zar (2/10/2013 9:06:00 AM)

    She gave freedom to her feeling so that they can be heard and shared by us. Often her poems are shorts and with these few words she can express her thoughts the way she feels them.

    The words rise from an odd spontaneity of emotions written with a candor such to border the naivety. But do not get it wrong and think this is a flaw! it is a rare quality instead, and only who has a “flame burning inside” can express it without being inconsequential.

    We can for example appreciate the innocence revealing the true feelings: QUOTE//……All I’m trying to say is/I no longer love you/But don’t thrust my eyes/They’ll tell you it’s not true. //UNQUOTE (from Don’t thrust my eyes)

    There is a joyful universe, just barely pinched by melancholy and loneliness of whose is still looking for….Full Stop, New Paragrath

    by Zarathustra

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Best Poem of Iselin Steinsto

Too Me

Too young to be old
too old to be young
in the middle of time
like a rose unsprung

Too serious to be fun
too crazy to be sane
too sane to be put
in the crazy lane

Too me to be weird
too weird to be normal
too childish to be classy
in clothes so formal

Too lazy to be sporty
too mother to be lazy
but I am me, both
sane and a heck of crazy

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No Believer

I'm not a believer
got no reason to
I want to believe in you
but maybe I'm just a dreamer

I like the way you speak
the way you hold me
like I'm something fragile
that you don't want to break

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