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hello everyone! ! I'm ishan from the most beautifull state of india i.e himachal paradesh by profession i'm a student persuing b.Tech.... The main concepts of my poem are the general issues happened in this curious world.. I hope you may enjoy my poems and give me your regards and blessings)

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Truth Of Change

Shed my dreams in to the land.
The purity lies over my Hand..
The man with the power gettin high 'n' high.
and I'm here just telling you my Sigh..
for me This world is strange.
But all i know Is a Truth Of Change..

Walking in to the dark.
My future here is no more gonna spark..
The man in the WHITE Took all my right.
And I'm here Just giving his dreams a light..
I don't know How the system is arrange.
But all i know Is a Truth Of Change..

My mother is shedding her tears.
She is now living in a fear..
The fear of dark Comes in her mind. The future of this land Is gonna be blind..
For her The purity is change.
But all i know Is a Truth Of Change..

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