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it's a great, great feeling
each time you win a prize,
but should you loose to someone
you are shocked with surprise.

I love the way you take my hand and
Lead me through the lane,
It's amazing how you make me laugh
So don't fell the pain.

From cloudy calm sky,
As raindrops gently fall
Beyond the hazy horizon,
I can here someone call.

tick tok
tick tok
mind block
pen stop

Peace is like a garden,
Blooming with flowers
Peace is like music,
Which touches our heart.

When life is like heaven,
And the doves fly,
To the hatred resulting in wars,
Is it tedious to bid goodbye?

I met a little girl,
As fragile as could be
And i don't know somehow,
She reminded me of me!

They are just stories my mind narrates,
Keeping me entertained,
As i'm asleep, unconcious

Sitting alone in the dark,
Longing to see a streak of light
Waiting to be freed
To return home

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

What is beauty? Well, if we go by dictionary it says something that gives you pleasure, but what is more important – pleasure to eyes or pleasure to heart?
Kabirji once said ‘bada hua toh kya hua jaise pedh khajoor, panchi toh chaya nahi, fall age ati door.

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hii, folks......well iam a 16 years old from delhi and still studying..and enjoy expressing my feelings in the form of poetry.besides that i also enjoy doing theatre and dance(only when alone) ........ i know that not all of you would like my poems and my thoughts so please do tell me how do you like my poems honestly and what else i can improve in it.....)

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Be A Good Loser

it's a great, great feeling
each time you win a prize,
but should you loose to someone
you are shocked with surprise.

and blame it on the the teacher
at times judges too,
'it really shuld have gone to you '
you smugly say.

'there really was some cheating'
yes somewhere down the line,
i can say with confidence
'that prize was really mine'.

you can't always be a winner,
in all that you partake
say, 'there was someone better'
she deserves it for goodness sake.

be a good looser
lose with a smile,
the better person always wins
you'll agree in a while.

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Afzal Shauq 30 May 2009

well are doing welll... thanks for all your comments and sure they will be added to my new book as i told you...if these comments are litle longer will be good and space of your comments will get more space in my book and soon you will have book in hand with your words sure... respect you...waiting for more comments....

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